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Sustainable Pittsburgh

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Most Popular Actions

Treat others with respect and dignity676
Don’t litter574
Don't participate in discrimination or devaluating persons529
I will share these ideas with my family, friends, and neighbors. 516
Call a friend or family member 477
Turn equipment and lights off when not in use 469
Speak up against discrimination or devaluating persons457
Donate to a thrift shop452
Wash fruits and vegetables 451
Spend more time outdoors, exploring and enjoying nature. 449
Support rights of all walks of life, lifestyles, and orientations429
Try paddling, camping, biking or other outdoor recreational activities428
Don’t dump in storm drains415
Save money 409
Register to vote and do it 405
I will urge five (5) others to take the I Am Sustainable Pittsburgh pledge
Pay bills electronically398
Use natural daylight385
Practice the three R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle382
Help your neighbors 380
Give to your local food bank380
Use both sides of paper 379
Wash clothes in cold water 377
Care for someone in need376
Only wash clothes as often as necessary360
Buy goods where manufactured under fair conditions, such as “fair trade” certified 354
Participate in your municipal recycling program 346
Support local businesses 340
Seek to add diversity in all social and professional circles 339
Buy recycled and used products 337
Provide healthy and safe working environments 330
Buy organic or naturally grown316
Service your vehicle regularly 316
Use reusable dishware instead of plastic ware 314
Turn off the water between washing hand/brushing teeth/washing dishes, etc.314
Extend the life of your clothing and shoes 313
Maintain a budget 308
Buy Energy Star appliances 306
Buy from thrift shops 305
Bring reusable bags to the grocery store301
Recycle mixed paper, cardboard, plastic bottles & jugs, aluminum and steel cans, and glass bottles that are not reusable300
Switch out incandescent light bulbs for Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) or Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights299
Stop unwanted junk mail, telemarketers, catalogs 297
Use your dishwasher and clothes washer for only full loads 297
Support a cause, join an organization295
Join groups (e.g., arts, sports, religion) or a project likely to lead to making new friends of different race, ethnicity or different social class 293
Air dry dishes 289
Make sure your tires are properly inflated 288
Consolidate trips to the store 285
Prepare dishes that will provide several meals284
Use windows and curtains to help maintain comfortable room temperature/ventilation and to provide/reduce natural light283
Volunteer regularly280
Take shorter showers280
Buy local or seasonal foods and produce and support local farmers/companies276
I will congratulate participants in the Pittsburgh Green Workplace Challenge273
Buy and support local goods and services. 269
Print only when necessary and print/copy double-sided268
Grow your own food 266
Water your lawn only when it needs it 265
Use reusable canvas bags instead of plastic or paper 264
I will educate myself about the region's energy portfolio by examining the Energy Baseline for the Power of 32 Region263
Buy used books, clothing, etc. 263
Plug your TV, DVD player, and other equipment into a power strip. When you turn them off, turn off the strip, so they won't be drawing "phantom power" while you're not using them 263
Park in shady areas when possible 262
Refrain from purchasing bottled water 259
Use a programmable thermostat 258
Leave clippings on the lawn. 254
Create, save, reclaim, or maintain a healthy habitat for native plants and animal species 253
Use natural cooling248
Avoid unnecessary items such as straws and plastic cups247
Grow a vegetable garden 246
Avoid idling your vehicle 245
Eat less meat, seafood and dairy245
Recycle ink cartridges 245
Assist disadvantaged groups 244
Use cosmetics, shampoos, lotions, and hair products not tested on animals (or their ingredients) – look for the “bunny”244
Thank a social worker 243
Buy products in bulk 237
Buy "free-range" products 235
Consider the real cost of everything you buy. Think about the resources, production and packaging, and waste they generate 235
Keep up to date on important issues by following unbiased news sources and discussing them with others. 229
Drive steadily at posted speed limits229
Fix leaks 228
Support elected officials that are doing a good job227
Avoid or peel fruits with high pesticide residue levels 226
Avoid "Jack-rabbit" starts and hard braking 226
Ride a bike Walk, bike, and use public transportation. CommuteInfo is a helpful resource. (
Make a commitment to drive less 223
Replace furnace filters regularly 223
Pick up your pet’s waste219
Use your vehicle’s air conditioner sparingly (and turn it off when not being used for cold air)216
By fair trade products215
Promote and support renewable energy sources214
Water during the early morning or late evening parts of the day (before 10am/after 6pm)213
Use non-toxic cleaning supplies 210
Recycle old tires, appliances, electronics, bicycles, etc. 206
Compost leftover coffee grounds, produce scraps, leaves, and grass clippings 204
Eat seafood that is sustainable (i.e.: abundant populations, hook and line fishing method, low impact on natural habitat) 202
Dispose of hazardous household waste products at the proper facility (Learn more about proper disposal of household chemicals at www.prc.org200
Avoid "wash separately" clothes 200
Keep pesticide/herbicide use to a minimum or do not use at all 197
Offer to serve on a committee 196
Help children with homework 196
Line-dry clothes 195
I will congratulate municipalities that have earned certification in the Sustainable PA Community Certification program194
Use low-phosphate or phosphate-free detergent 194
I will congratulate businesses that have earned recognition in the SWPA Sustainable Small Business Designation 193
Remove clothing from dryer before cycle ends 193
Promote the reuse and preservation of historical buildings193
Tutor someone 193
Purchase products with minimal packaging to reduce waste 187
Use a compost bin185
Run errands during low traffic times184
Mentor someone of a different ethnic/religious group 184
Donate to environmental organizations182
Check for drafts 182
Ensure your home is properly insulated182
Host/attend a yard sale 180
Plant trees, vines and shrubs (they can be used to shade your home and reduce your energy bills) 177
Organize/participate in a sports league or other club 176
Attend town meetings 175
Plant groundcover (annuals, perennials, fruits, vegetables, herbs, ornamental grass) 174
I will congratulate businesses that have achieved recognition in the SWPA Sustainable Business Compact172
Donate blood168
Donate used building materials to a place like Construction Junction (
Clean up your neighborhood park159
Install or adapt for low volume flush toilets 154
Investigate and invest environmentally and socially responsibly 153
I will congratulate property owners that are participating in the Pittsburgh 2030 Districts151
Donate unneeded or excess food to the shelters or food banks in town 151
Buy natural fiber clothing 148
Donate other materials to craft shops or places like Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse (
I will become a partner in the Breathe Project to clean our air for healthier communities and a stronger economy.144
Use paints with low VOC emissions 143
Build or incorporate green building practices in your home or business 142
Lower hot water heater temperature141
Install door sweeps136
Install water-saving shower heads and low-flow faucet aerators 136
I will become a supporting member of the nonprofit organization, Sustainable Pittsburgh134
Purchase renewable energy 131
Carpool 131
Organize a social gathering in your neighborhood 129
Participate in a clothes swap with friends instead of buying new128
Purchase printer paper with a high post-consumer waste content127
Buy a front load washer 126
Use rain barrels 124
Improve street-scaping and remove graffiti and litter 123
Use recycled ink cartridges120
Purchase bleach-free toilet paper and paper towels that are made from the highest post-consumer waste content you can find 112
Start a backyard wildlife habitat project 112
Use a rain barrel 110
Plant wildflowers or clover to replace lawn106
Buy organic clothing, bedding, or towels 105
Insulate water heater 105
Put up nesting boxes for native birds 101
Drink shade grown coffee 99
Dispose of cigarette butts in an appropriate receptacle 98
Plant only native species 98
Carbon offset your lifestyle 92
Look up the life cycle analysis of some products used frequently91
Use a fertilizer with time-released, water insoluble nitrogen 87
Install lights sensors 87
Sign up to receive local Air Quality Alerts via EnviroFlash email notification (
Implement/Volunteer/Send kids to an after-school program 80
Help start a recycling program if one does not exist in your municipality, school, office, place of worship, etc. 67
Attend PTA meetings 65
Arrange a neighborhood exercise club, book club, or cooking club65
Plant a rain garden in your yard61
Buy a hybrid car 57
Drip irrigation 48
Buy carbon offsets 47