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Are we on the brink of a recycling revolution?

“A new report from Closed Loop Partners, an investment fund that works on building the circular economy, looks at the new technology coming to market. At least 60 companies are now trying to reinvent plastic recycling, and more than 40 of those already have commercial plants. . . .

“Some early-stage companies are tackling “purification,” or using chemicals or solvents to take ink and additives out of plastic containers like colored bottles, so the end result is essentially like virgin plastic. PureCycle Technologies, a company currently building a new recycling plant in Ohio, is using this type of process on polypropylene, the material used to make yogurt cups. Other companies use chemicals or enzymes to break plastic down to basic building blocks that can be used to make new plastic. Some others convert plastic into fuel–a process that is less circular but still cuts carbon footprints for buyers like airlines.”

FULL STORY published April 9, 2019 via Fast Company