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Copenhagen Wants to Show How Cities Can Fight Climate Change

“Mr. Jensen said mayors, more than national politicians, felt the pressure to take action. ‘We are directly responsible for our cities and our citizens, and they expect us to act,’ he said.

“In the case of Copenhagen, that means changing how people get around, how they heat their homes, and what they do with their trash. The city has already cut its emissions by 42 percent from 2005 levels, mainly by moving away from fossil fuels to generate heat and electricity. . . .

“Copenhagen is girding itself for the impact of climate change, too. The rains are more intense, and the sea is rising. In the most vulnerable neighborhoods, the city is creating new parks and ponds for water to collect before it can drain out. There are new dikes by the harbor, and a proposal to build a new island in the northeast to block storm surges.”

FULL STORY published March 25, 2019 via The New York Times