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Feds issue license for proposed hydroelectric plant for the Highland Park Dam at Aspinwall

“Hydroelectric power could be fueling the homes and businesses being developed in the Riverfront 47 project along the Allegheny River in Aspinwall and Sharpsburg by 2020. . . .

“One example of how the plant might fit with R47 would be to incorporate it into parks within the development.

“‘It could be a park-like exploration of how power is generated,; said Mosites’ real estate director Mark Minnerly. ‘It’s great to have Rye building it while we are developing our master plan. We can help Rye make the power plant a natural part of what we are developing. It’s a creative partnership.’ . . .

“The plant — while being seven stories tall — will have a “minimal footprint” as most of it will be underground and in the water. Jacobs said the top of the plant would be about 10 feet higher than the high side of the dam. As part of its licensing agreement, the company will have to develop recreational opportunities for residents.”

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