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Filling The Gap: Sustainability, Infrastructure, And The Private Sector

Companies concerned with sustainability issues are already leading the way in employing new technologies to reduce their carbon footprint.

“Incorporating a sustainable angle within these scenarios going forward will certainly offer the private sector new opportunities. Sustainable direct value capture can come from governments sharing the costs of a highway with the private sector, who would participate if it is able to have exclusive rights to a dedicated lane for commuter buses or trains. Bike share programs are a win-win initiative for everyone when it comes to sustainability and Smart City planning: cities get less congested streets while the bike share companies locate in optimal locations. Data from these rentals can also help city planners frame future transit strategies. . . .

“Governments can learn from private sector experiments with sustainable technologies and approaches like the Edge. They can also arm regulators with a strong case to shift codes to favor such sustainable efforts as smart buildings. A building code that serves sustainability goals and the bottom line is hard to argue with.”

FULL STORY published november 15, 2018 via Forbes