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Peco bill to hook Chesco man’s solar array into grid: $45K

“He meticulously researched solar panels, took an online certification course, and, with an electrician, crafted detailed plans, down to the font size of lettering on the electrical service panel.

“But there was one thing he didn’t anticipate: a $45,000 estimate from Peco to hook into the utility grid. That connection is crucial, because on sunny days, the system could generate excess power that would go to the grid. Conversely, on cloudy days, Dunleavy might need power from the grid. . . .

“Contrary to what some believe, Peco spokesman Doug Oliver said, the utility encourages solar. But it needs time to get the distribution system caught up. Oliver said Peco has received 5,500 requests for solar installations across its entire system and more than 93 percent have been approved.”

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