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  • How New York Created a Solar Boom

    As it turns out, New York City—the region’s densest metropolis—is in the midst of a solar boom, with installations in the residential sector leading the way. In 2016, the number…

  • Keeping Pa. clean when EPA goes AWOL

    In-depth research by Earthworks on natural gas processing and compression facilities in southwestern Pennsylvania, including infrared videos and air testing at nearby homes, shows that these facilities pollute the air…

  • “Permitted to Pollute 2017”

    Permitted to Pollute is an unprecedented study of how state regulatory oversight of oil and gas operations, authorized by the Clean Air Act to protect air quality and public health,…

  • Survey: Tell PennDOT What You Think

    Every two years, the Pennsylvania State Transportation Commission and PennDOT update Pennsylvania’s Twelve Year Transportation Program. The open public comment period is March 6 – April 19, 2017. During this…