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  • Down the Stream

    In the next 50 to 100 years, communities will not just have to react to random weather events, but brace for frequent and intense storms that are a direct result…

  • Sidewalk Cafes: A Powerful Tool for Walkability

    Enticing residents to walk in their community is fueled by curb appeal. With sidewalk cafes, people’s desire to walk is enhanced, which can increase patronage and public health. Not to…

  • Would you Let your Child Bike Here?

    Denmark’s cities are designed to make children and adults feel safe while bicycling. Making cycling safer through education and redesigned bike lanes improves public health and reduces CO2 emissions, noise…

  • Lower Merion Sustainability Efforts Get ‘Gold’ Certification

    The township said it was given a Gold-level certification of sustainability from Sustainable Pennsylvania Community Certification program, which is administrated through Pennsylvania Municipal League in partnership with Sustainable Pittsburgh. “Lower…

  • The right to ‘know what goes up your nose’

    “Shell still hasn’t committed to installing fenceline monitoring at the Beaver Country cracker site. How it worked in other communities and why environmentalists say it’s essential.” Read more

  • Imagining a Citizen-Led Smart City

    The buzziest of buzzwords in urban planning is the “smart city”—a metropolis laced with wireless sensors that track everything from weather and water flow to gunshots and foot traffic. The sensing…