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  • Take the Survey: Bus Rapid Transit

    The Bus Rapid Transit project is intended to better connect communities in the Downtown-Oakland-East End corridor, and more specifically connect residents to job centers, educational opportunities, medical services, and cultural…

  • Survey: Tell PennDOT What You Think

    Every two years, the Pennsylvania State Transportation Commission and PennDOT update Pennsylvania’s Twelve Year Transportation Program. The open public comment period is March 6 – April 19, 2017. During this…

  • When Street Parking Becomes a Pop-Up Bus Lane

    One morning last December, cones and small signs popped up along Broadway, the main drag in working-class Everett, Massachusetts. The modest change, replacing a mile of curbside parking with a temporary bus lane, had big implications. After a week, city officials said riders were saving so much time on their morning commutes that the bus lane…

  • Your Neighborhood Affects How You Age

    Some older adults are living in neighborhoods that may be making them sick. These communities aren’t safe, they’re not walkable, and they lack good public transportation and other resources. The fact that people may be living in these neighborhoods for decades is troubling, as the impact of poor conditions accumulates over time and leads to chronic health problems. While “aging in place” usually has positive connotations…

  • The SDGs: How can we sustain our optimism?

    Ordinarily, an email from someone I’ve never met, asking for answers to many difficult questions, would end up pretty far down on my over-packed list of things to do. But…

  • Doubling Down on Infrastructure

    But the repair and replacement of these monumental infrastructure systems in their current configurations does not reflect social, environmental, and technological advances that have occurred over the last half century….