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Sustainable Pittsburgh

307 Fourth Avenue, Suite 1500
Pittsburgh, PA

Join the growing movement to build our region’s prosperity

Sustainable Pittsburgh extends a heartfelt thanks to all of the individuals, municipalities, nonprofits, agencies, universities, and businesses that donated or joined to date as a 2017 member!  The support for sustainable development continues to grow as market trends align with the promise of doing well by doing right.

Individuals are taking action to make a difference, be it through the “I Am Sustainable Pittsburgh” pledge, the Green Workplace Challenge, or making a financial contribution to Sustainable Pittsburgh—to name a few examples.  More than 640 individuals are standing up to be counted among those taking the “I Am Sustainable Pittsburgh” pledge.  And the Green Workplace Challenge has seen over 200 employers complete nearly 6,000 actions to bring about a more sustainable workplace.  This current competition boasts the largest field of competitors to date!

There is still time to demonstrate your commitment to a more sustainable Pittsburgh region.  Please donate or become a member of Sustainable Pittsburgh today.  Help us hasten the pace of change for the region!