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Sustainable Pittsburgh

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Pittsburgh, PA

“The Sustainability Officer and Real Estate Operations”

“Sustainability is becoming a big issue in commercial real estate. For real estate developers and owners, it typically involves considering factors such as location, site design, architecture, stormwater management, LEED or other certifications, energy efficiency and emissions from HVAC systems. For the owner-occupant or tenant, it may involve interior buildouts, workplace safety and health, solid waste disposal and other issues. . . .

Sustainable Pittsburgh’s Court Gould believes that the CEO ultimately determines whether a company will be content with the low-hanging fruit or whether it will go further to address sustainability issues. “In companies where the CEO is the driver, the sustainability dynamic grows. The sustainability officer becomes an ombudsperson interfacing with all departments. The C-suite integrates sustainability into the corporate strategy, usually starting with facilities but moving into marketing, product development, strategic planning and corporate governance. Some companies cement their commitments by tying them to the annual performance review for senior executives, including the CEO.”

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