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Sustainable Pittsburgh

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Past SCDN Forums

Webinar: Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurants: Fostering Community, Health, and Prosperity

August 19, 2017


Sustainable Wet Weather Solutions

July 26, 2017 Hollywood Theater, Dormont PA 


AGENDA (Click a link to see slides from the presentation)

  1. Overview of Sustainable Community Development Network (SCDN)
  2. Tools of the Trade – Technical Resources to Help Municipalities Meet Their Source Reduction Goals and Regulatory Requirements” – Beth Dutton, Three Rivers Wet Weather
  3. “Planning, Partnerships, Watersheds and the Triple Bottom Line – A Sustainable Approach”
  4. The Creation of a Stormwater Authority and Fees” – Jennifer Taylor, Borough of Dormont Stormwater Authority
  5. National Green Infrastructure Certification” – Lisa Kunst Vavro, Penn State Center