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Sustainable Pittsburgh

307 Fourth Avenue, Suite 1500
Pittsburgh, PA

Why Sustainable Pittsburgh

Being a small organization, Sustainable Pittsburgh can’t afford to do small things. We are strategic in our approach and look for ways to make big impact with limited resources.

Sustainable Pittsburgh identifies cutting-edge sustainability trends from around the world and shares them with individuals, businesses, municipalities, nonprofits, and policy groups here in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Our niche service is to provide a menu of actions that organizations can use as a guide for best practices. We foster innovation, provide technical assistance, and validate the business case for sustainability in all that we do.

Here’s what other people have to say about the services we offer:

“Sustainable Pittsburgh is helping to raise our region’s awareness on both the feasible and necessary benefits of sustainability by promoting strategic action plans that help reduce energy, promote economic growth, and mitigate our risks of climate change. A triple win for all of us!”
Mario N. Leone Jr., Manager
Monaca Borough

The YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh is benefiting tremendously from the comprehensive Sustainability Assessment of all its branches around the region. Sustainable Pittsburgh has provided practical ways we can integrate sustainability in our facilities, operations, and management systems and in doing so, serve our community and mission.
Richard Perallo, Vice President, Facilities and Construction
YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh, Metropolitan Office

“The Business Sustainability Coordinators group is an extremely valuable network for this new breed of business sector personnel in the region. By convening and facilitating our deliberations, Sustainable Pittsburgh is hastening our professional development and accelerating the pace by which our emerging best practices can be shared and deployed to the benefit of southwestern Pennsylvania.”
Phyllis Barber, Sustainability Coordinator
Highmark Inc.