The Sustainable PA Municipal Equity Toolkit (Toolkit) is designed to be a resource for Pennsylvania’s local government staff and elected officials when considering, developing, implementing and/or administering equity measures. It supports municipalities that are thinking about and/or working for an inclusive, fair, and just community in program and policy governance, administration, and outcomes. The Toolkit is compatible with the Sustainable Pennsylvania Community Certification, such that actions taken in the Toolkit translate to points in the certification.

Number of Pages: 12

Number of Actions at Each Point in the Framework:
Awareness & Discovery
– 34 actions related to organizational definitions, priority, housing, food, transportation, and more
Education & Engagement
– 18 actions related to public awareness, accessible policy making and more
– 13 actions related to partnerships, leveraging local assets, community and economic development, and more
– 7 actions related to comprehensive planning and measurement and verification

In Allegheny County? Find additional data resources on health impacts that can help inform actions in this Toolkit, created by the Western PA Regional Data Center and the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Health Equity at the School of Public Health.

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