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$100 million for a new transit corridor? Bus Rapid Transit Project moves forward

“‘We applaud the Port Authority for listening to riders’ concerns about the impacts of proposed frequency cuts and mandatory transfers, and for implementing these changes,’ says Laura Weins, director of Pittsburghers for Public Transit.

“But Weins does say that her organization will still be closely watching the process. “If the federal funding doesn’t come through, we would want the public to be informed of where the matching funding will come from,” she says, “to ensure that our region does not pay for the BRT at the expense of other critical transit needs.”

“Both Weins and Brandolph emphasized that the BRT could have a profound impact on many Pittsburgh communities.

“‘This project isn’t just about public transit. It’s about connecting two of the three largest economic centers in Pennsylvania — Downtown Pittsburgh and Oakland,’ says Brandolph. ‘We hope it will also be a catalyst for development in communities and neighborhoods served by those routes.'”

FULL STORY published September 18, 2018 via NEXTpittsburgh