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5 minutes with RAND’s Catherine Augustine: On OnePGH and pursuing equity for all

“’We were working with the city through a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation on improving the city’s resiliency,’ Augustine explains. ‘In the process of working on that resiliency strategy, there were several working groups focused on “What are the main stresses facing the city?”’

“As they explored that question, she says, the subject of inequity emerged as a key theme. . . .

“RAND’s role isn’t to help the city decide what strategies would make the city more equitable, Augustine points out. Instead, their job was to figure out how equity can accurately be studied, and then “letting them know whether what they’re doing is having an impact.”

“So together, RAND and the city created a set of baseline “equity indicators” to measure inequality in terms of variables like race, income, gender and also homeownership, eventually breaking out 80 different indicators of equity. Then they set about measuring how Pittsburgh was doing on those fronts.”

FULL STORY published March 21, 2019 via NEXTpittsburgh