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What artificial intelligence means for sustainability

“This analysis below, which measures mentions of AI in corporate sustainability reports and CDP filings, can help us start to answer the question: What does AI mean for sustainability? . . .

“We can look first at utility company Xcel Energy.  . . . Recently, the company has received a little extra help in reducing its emissions from artificial intelligence. Xcel has equipped its smokestacks in Texas with neural networks, an advanced artificial intelligence that simulates a human brain. The neural network quickly can analyze the data that results from the complex dynamics of coal combustion. It then can make highly accurate recommendations about how to adjust the plant’s operations to reduce nitrous oxide emissions and operate at peak efficiency. . . .

“Another example is Google. . . . Google’s application of AI has helped to reduce the amount of energy used for cooling data centers by 40 percent — good for the company’s bottom line, and good for the planet.”

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