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Icebreaker’s sustainability report sets the new standard to follow

“Icebreaker, a maker of high-performance merino wool clothing, released its first ‘sustainability report’ recently — and, in our opinion, in doing so, set a new gold standard. The first thing to note is that Icebreaker does not call it a sustainability report. It calls it Made Different and refer to it as a Transparency Report. The title could not be more apt. The company, its clothing and its report are all made different — and exceedingly well — and the report is all about being transparent. . . .

“This is a warts-and-all report. It does not hesitate to address issues and less-than-ideal situations. While it conveys a sense of pride in having been a leader in some areas, it acknowledges missteps and areas that need improvement, and clearly lays out the measures it is taking to right the wrongs.

“If your organization is among the 82 percent of S&P 500 companies publishing an annual sustainability report, take a look at Icebreaker’s Transparency Report. And borrow its approach. I’m not sure there’s a better model out there.”

FULL STORY published July 3, 2018 via