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A Year After Trump’s Paris Pullout, U.S. Companies Are Driving a Renewables Boom

“For its next phase, Google wants to locate all of its clean-energy projects in the same grid regions as its data centers, even though that will mean prodding policymakers in places like Taiwan to overhaul electricity markets and allow companies to make direct purchases. Google is also trying to figure out how to assemble a suite of zero-carbon energy sources that can run 24 hours a day, which may require additional technologies like battery storage, demand response programs or even nuclear power.

“But achieving that goal will take years, and is likely to be far more complicated than simply signing renewable energy contracts.

“‘Reaching 100 percent renewable energy is an important milestone, but it’s just the beginning,’ said Michael Terrell, head of energy market strategy at Google. ‘We have to keep our eyes on the ultimate prize, which is to enable carbon free power in every hour of every day.'”

FULL STORY published June 1, 2018 via The New York Times