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Activists point to ‘green’ sewer fixes to handle sewage, runoff

“Alcosan has awarded $18 million to back 61 green projects, and is now weighing its third round of grant applications. From Etna to Dormont, Homestead to the Hill District, the projects are keeping rainwater out of the system to the tune of 110 million gallons a year.

“That’s a dribble of the 9 billion gallons that now overflow into rivers and streams annually, but pursuing such options “is vital — right? — to be responsible,” said Julia Spicher, an Alcosan wet weather engineer. “GROW is adaptable and it addresses the community problems that our 83 municipalities have. . .

“‘What we haven’t seen yet,’ Ms. Smith said at the Clean Rivers Campaign event, ‘is investment by our sewer authority in very large, green infrastructure projects that are transformative to our neighborhoods.'”

FULL STORY published June 4, 2018, via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette