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Allegheny County has a massive illegal dump problem. Could $1 million solve this problem for good?

“Over the past decade, Allegheny CleanWays has picked up 5 million pounds of garbage at illegal dumping sites, largely in the city of Pittsburgh. The group recently studied the problem outside of the city limits and found that the problem was more significant than anyone knew.

“They discovered nearly 500 sites containing about 3 million pounds of waste — four times as much trash as Pennsylvania CleanWays found in a similar study from 2005. . . .

“‘We are literally still dealing with dumpsites that are 50-plus years old,’ she said. ‘So if we can get a lot of those cleaned up, I do think a big portion of the problem would be solved. Some of them just have never been addressed.'”

FULL STORY published August 17, 2018 via PublicSource