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Almost One-Third of Major Sources of Air Pollution in Southwestern PA Do Not Have a Current Operating Permit

And while the stale permits sit, emissions could be increasing. The Environmental Integrity Project, working with GASP, analyzed emissions data for these sources and found that some facilities with expired Title V permits reported significantly higher emissions of regulated toxic pollutants than they did five years ago to EPA’s Toxic Release Inventory (“TRI”) database.  One of these facilities, Ranbar Electrical Materials in Harrison City, nearly doubled its amount of air toxics reported to the TRI database since its last Title V expired in 2010, with the pollutants reported in the highest amounts in 2015 being xylene, methyl isobutyl ketone, and ethyl benzene, a possible human carcinogen.

It is unacceptable that the agencies responsible for permitting major sources of air pollution in our area have allowed the operating permits for one-third of such sources to expire without acting on their pending renewal applications in a timely manner, especially in light of the requirement that major source permitting programs are to be self-financed.

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