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As China gets tough on recycling, will America get cleaner?

But let’s stop picking on Lynn. Marshall says communities around the country typically produce contamination levels between 10 and 20 percent. And we’re not just talking about greasy pizza boxes. Marshall says people also routinely throw wood, propane tanks and garden hoses in their bins, thinking the items must be recyclable.

“They think it’s plastic,” says Marshall, giving some examples: dog chains, ropes, extension cords.

Those large items would hopefully get weeded out at an MRF before being sent overseas. Still, they can gum up the machines, losing the sorters time and money — extra costs that inevitably get passed down. Today, many cities that used to get paid for their recycling are now paying recycling facilities to collect it.

FULL STORY published July 18, 2018 via 90.5 WESA