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Beer, Drinking Water And Fish: Tiny Plastic Is Everywhere

“She remembers the moment they sailed into the patch, ‘Everyone runs up to the bow and says, ‘There’s trash, there’s trash, everyone start counting the trash.’ And so we all start counting the trash.’

“But something was wrong. ‘We’re looking and it’s, like, basically a soup of confetti, of tiny little plastic bits everywhere,’ she remembers. ‘Everyone just stops counting. [They] sat there, their backs up against the wall and said, ‘OK, this is a real issue, [and it’s] not an island of trash you can pick up.’

“To Rochman, a third thing was also clear: ‘The tiny stuff, for me as an ecologist, this is really getting into the food chain. You could spend a career studying this stuff.'”

FULL STORY published August 20, 2018 via NPR