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Buffalo used to be a city filled with millionaires. It plans to get rich again by betting against Trump.

. . . “What you see is a flat, wide mat that lays right on top of the road surface. And as vehicles drive over it, they’re pushing pressurized fluid through embedded channels, so it’s a hydraulic-based system to ultimately spin a generator.”

Translation: The weight and motion of cars and trucks creates power.

Shani is testing his mats at a local parking garage, as well as at the Peace Bridge connecting Buffalo to Canada. The bridge can use the energy generated from the mats to power things like lights and toll booths on site: “So from the truck traffic that they have crossing the bridge every day, we could cut their electric bill in half.”

That could amount to $400,000 in annual savings. And again, more green energy would be produced in the fight against climate change.

When Shani won the prize money from 43North there was a string attached — he had to relocate from Brooklyn to Buffalo for a year. He did, and has actually stayed for another 18 months. He’s sold on Buffalo.

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