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Building great places through small-scale manufacturing: technical assistance workshops

“Smart Growth America is once again soliciting applications for a new round of free technical assistance for communities interested in using small-scale manufacturing as a strategy to create economic opportunity, boost the prospects of Main Street, and build great places. 

“Join Smart Growth America next Monday, June 11 at 2 p.m. for an informational webinar where they will cover the basics of the program and answer any questions. Register here.

“Small-scale manufacturers such as woodworkers, fabricators, hardware prototypers, microbrewers, and coffee roasters with regional and national distribution have emerged as a significant force in today’s urban economy. This emerging sector can serve as a powerful tool in the effort to revitalize downtown and other core neighborhoods—while also creating jobs and connecting more residents to economic opportunity .

“Smart Growth America is excited to announce a second round of free technical assistance workshops designed to help communities incorporate small-scale manufacturing into their plans for revitalizing downtown or other close-in neighborhoods. Last year, we helped four communities take advantage of the fact that small-scale manufacturing can boost the economic prospects of downtown and small-scale manufacturing can benefit from and thrive in downtown locations.

“In partnership with the U.S. Economic Development Administration and Recast City, this program will again educate and help build capacity in communities on how strategic land use decisions can cultivate small-scale manufacturing, contribute to place-based economic development, and build local prosperity. This year we’ll be providing assistance to six communities.

“Applications are now open for this assistance. Any unit or subdivision of regional, local, or tribal government, as well as non-profits and nongovernmental organizations such as community development corporations are eligible to apply.