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California slashes emissions, hits major greenhouse gas goal years early

“Since the peak, emissions have dropped 13 percent. The 2008 financial crisis helped, cutting the number of miles Californians drove and the amount of freight moving through the state’s ports, railways and roads. But emissions have continued falling in recent years even as the state’s economy has expanded. . . .

“Fran Pavley, a former member of both the California Assembly and Senate, wrote the climate law that Schwarzenegger signed in 2006, AB32. She, too, says California will hit its next target, because companies working on large-scale energy storage and other technologies capable of fighting global warming have enough time to bring solutions to market — and drive down the cost.

“‘If you’re thoughtful enough to give the private sector and the innovators enough time to meet the targets, it’s actually quite remarkable what they can do,’ she said.”

FULL STORY published July 11, 2018 via San Francisco Chronicle