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Call for Residential Deconstruction Pilot Projects

Solar house deconstruction on CMU’s campus; completed in partnership with the Urban Design Build Studio students, Deconstruction trainer Dave Bennink, Construction Junction, and Rycon Construction

Construction Junction (CJ), Pittsburgh’s oldest nonprofit retail warehouse for used and surplus building materials, is reaching out to municipalities, developers, architects and Community Development Corporations to identify residential properties targeted for demolition.  CJ is not looking to get into the demolition business, but it is looking to expand the scope of its deconstruction projects.

Since 2004, CJ has fielded a small crew that has gone into thousands of commercial and residential buildings and actively removed useable materials (salvaged) before buildings have been “gut” rehabbed or demolished. CJ is exploring offering a fee for service program to fully deconstruct a building (removal of the entire building) to the foundation, while maximizing the reuse of materials to which salvage does not provide access (framing lumber, rafters and joists, bricks and siding).  The organization has grant support to connect its 3 to 5 selected deconstruction pilot projects to job training programs.

Deconstruction requires significantly more labor than conventional demolition. The first step is evaluating which buildings are good candidates for full deconstruction.  If you have a residential building that is slated for demolition call Construction Junction  for an evaluation. Through this project, you may be able to keep  up to 90% of your project out of the landfill! Contact Mike Gable 412-841-2343 or