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Calling All Students! Climate Multimedia Challenge

CMU’s Steinbrenner Institute and PPU’s Center for Media Innovation are issuing the “Pittsburgh 2050” challenge to students of colleges that are part of the Higher Education Climate Consortium (HECC), part of the Pittsburgh Climate Initiative. The goal is to raise awareness about climate change by making a video that can reach an audience beyond your peers in the collegiate setting.

The challenge?
Imagine Pittsburgh in 2050 when we have successfully decarbonized and dealt with climate change. How did we do it? What is life like in Pittsburgh in 2050?

Create a 60-second multimedia video and a 250 word narrative that present your vision for how Pittsburgh will have adapted to climate change in 32 years.

Entrants will have a chance to win a bamboo bicycle (from a non profit, social enterprise) and 2 more bicycles will be donated in the name of the winner.

More details here!