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Can Philanthropy Save a City?

Stockton seems an unlikely place for this type of innovation. Its nonprofits are smaller and less media-savvy than those in big cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco that typically attract funding—the Reinvent South Stockton Coalition even doesn’t have its own website, just a Facebook page. The organization has long been looking for an executive director, perhaps unable to attract leaders to the city, located in the sweltering Central Valley an hour south of Sacramento and two hours east of San Francisco. . . .

But a few things make Stockton appealing. It’s small enough that a little bit of money can make a big difference, and close-knit enough that getting buy-in on huge projects can be a pretty quick process. By contrast, “in LA, it’s a gauntlet of bureaucrats and political leaders that have to sign off on anything,” Ross said.

FULL STORY published August 2, 2018 via CityLab