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Can we stop (literally) trashing Pittsburgh, please?

“To that end, the city will soon deploy ‘smart’ garbage cans citywide: public receptacles that alert the department when the cans are almost full. It’s also establishing a collection center and pickup programs for electronic waste, such as TVs and computer monitors. As for larger systemic changes like providing trash cans for city residents and updating outmoded recycling infrastructure, Newman says the city is searching for solutions amid high costs and ongoing turmoil in the recycling industry. . .

“As activists, nonprofits and city officials work to stem the tide of trash, nearly all of them agree: The best way to eliminate litter is to reduce consumption.

“‘We need a whole culture change,’ says Carberry. ‘We need to understand that there’s really no such thing as “throwing something away.” If you throw it on the ground, it’s going to end up in a river. If you put it in the trash, it still ends up in a landfill.’

“Clark goes even further: ‘Picking up trash and cleaning the rivers is crucial. But what’s even more important is consuming less single-use plastic and becoming more active against its production,’ he says. ‘That’s going to be Pittsburgh’s unique problem: What was once the Steel City is now becoming a huge plastics-manufacturing region.'”

FULL STORY published May 15, 2019 via NEXTpittsburgh