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Circular food ‘revolution’ could unlock $2.7trn per year, Ellen MacArthur study finds

One-third of the food produced for human consumption globally is currently wasted

“Embedding circular economy principles within the global agri-food sector could contribute $2.7 trillion to the global economy through decreased healthcare and environmental restoration costs, a new Ellen MacArthur Foundation report has concluded. Published at the World Economic Forum, the NGO’s ‘cities and a circular economy for food’ report lays bare the extent of current environmental, social and ethical shortcomings in the world’s existing linear food system. While framing several findings on the state of the global food system, the report also highlights the scale of the benefits that could be reaped by fixing them. In total, the global economy would be up to $2.7 trillion better off if all the world’s food systems were made circular, with all products and by-products either eaten, composted or ‘otherwise valorised’, it claims. Ensuring true circularity within urban food systems will require ‘unprecedented collaboration’ between food brands, producers, retailers, city governments and waste managers, it argues.”

FULL STORY published January 24, 2019 via