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Cities Need to Welcome—Not Resist—Refugees

“There are good reasons to create a welcoming environment for new arrivals. Despite accusations to the contrary, refugees and asylum seekers do not cause a crime surge in cities where they relocate. There is evidence across upper, medium, and low-income settings that refugee communities and mixed-migrant communities are less prone to crime than average host communities. Crime actually decreased in U.S. cities where refugees and asylum seekers were resettled. This is not to say that refugees and asylum claimants are never involved in crime, but rather to highlight that they are often involved at rates below the national average.”

“Far from being a burden, if properly planned for, refugees and asylum-seekers also tend to generate a net positive impact on local economies. Over the long term, the short-term negative effects of sudden inflows are often attenuated and frequently reversed. One study examining refugee arrivals to the U.S. revealed no adverse long-term impact on labor markets through paying taxes and entrepreneurial activity. Another paper on the impacts of Syrian refugees on labor markets in neighboring countries showed few disruptive effects on unemployment rates or labor force participation.”

FULL STORY published October 2, 2018 via CityLab