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CREATE Lab will use high-tech mapmaking to shine a light on housing inequity in Pittsburgh

“Pittsburgh City Council has approved a $20,000 contract for CMU’s Community Robotics, Education and Technology Empowerment Lab (CREATE Lab) to use their mapmaking tool to build an interactive, online map displaying long-term housing trends across the city. . . .

“Speaking with NEXTpittsburgh, CREATE Lab project specialist Anne Wright explains that the partnership with the city and county will provide her and her team with access to vast troves of data, including information on fair housing enforcement actions, public safety records and voter registration numbers.

“With all those statistics and many more plotted on a map of Pittsburgh, ‘you can see the impacts of displacement in multiple dimensions,’ says Wright. ‘Over time, we can understand how we’re doing in terms of making affordable, safe, secure housing for everybody.’

FULL STORY published July 31, 2019 via NEXTpittsburgh