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Donate Unneeded Items to a Local Nonprofit

More than 50 million tons of durable goods get tossed each year, with less than 20% of it recycled or reused.  Many of these goods could be put to productive use by local nonprofits, but donors often find it difficult to determine where, when, and how to donate.  Reuse Central, a new program of the Pennsylvania Resources Council, seeks to solve this problem.

Reuse Central provides businesses and institutions with a simple tool to conveniently offer donations to multiple nonprofit organizations.  The mobile application makes it easy for donors to submit pictures and descriptions of their materials to the virtual warehouse. Nonprofit organizations can then browse the virtual warehouse and claim items through the Reuse Central website.

Through Reuse Central, Pennsylvania Resources Council facilitates these transactions, protecting the donor’s interests and ensuring the donated materials find a second life.  For more information or to become a material donor or recipient in Reuse Central, contact Stacy Albin: or 412-488-7490, x243.