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“Downstream” Documentary Looks at Pollution in Pennsylvania’s Water

“One of the things that we talk about a lot in ‘Downstream’ is acid mine drainage. Pennsylvania has more acid mine features that are contaminating waterways and land than any other state in the country. A third of abandoned mine reclamation sites in this country are in Pennsylvania. . . .

I was fascinated by the fact that Pennsylvania has more running water than any other state in the country except Alaska. And that statistic–83,000 miles of rivers and streams and tributaries–I thought there’s a lot of story in that water. And there turned out to be a lot of story in that water. I felt great being the person who was learning about it the same way I hope an audience member, who knows nothing, can watch “Downstream” and be introduced to the topic, too.”

FULL STORY published October 12, 2018 via The Allegheny Front