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Facing an onslaught of debris in the Chesapeake, Maryland’s governor asks other states to do more

“The detritus from upstream states has clogged navigation channels, closed beaches and cluttered shorelines, giving Hogan, R, ammunition to lean on other states in the watershed to accelerate broader cleanup efforts.

“‘When it comes to the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland honestly has more to lose than any other state,’ Hogan said Tuesday at an annual meeting of the Chesapeake Executive Council, which he chairs. ‘We cannot and we should not have to address this issue alone.’ . . .

“Will Baker, president of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, described the volume of clutter in the bay as “historic” and a symbol of how much of the bay’s health depends on what flows off land in Pennsylvania.”

FULL STORY published August 7, 2018 via Tribune-Review