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Frack Off!

“In 2013, Long discovered that a drilling company sought to dump its wastewater into an abandoned gas well two and a half miles from her home. She and her mother, Judy Wanchisn, a 72-year-old retired school teacher who lives nearby in Grant, knew nothing about fracking waste. They had never protested anything. Their legal knowledge amounted to zilch.

“But the more they learned of Pennsylvania General Energy’s plan to pump millions of gallons of toxic solvents into the well, the more concerned they became that this wastewater might leach into Little Mahoning Creek, the source of Grant’s pristine drinking water. Could the company’s depository trigger a disaster like the one that hit Flint, Michigan? . . .

“’We’re up against an industry that enjoys every advantage,’ said Long. ‘We’re tiny, we’re impoverished. Our economy is hanging by a thread. We’re the easiest and cheapest way for the gas industry to get rid of its crap.’

“’But Grant is special,” she continued. “It’s the reason we’re fighting so hard.’”

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