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Get home efficiency advice, save money, and compete to win!

Looking to make your house more comfortable and energy efficient, but don’t know where to start?

Consider signing up to participate in CCI’s Home Energy Showcase. This competition among homeowners in the region will highlight individuals making updates to reduce their energy waste and model what’s possible for others.

Through the Home Energy Showcase, CCI will perform a comprehensive audit at the discounted rate of $375 for a standard home and provide a cost-effective plan for improving your home’s energy efficiency. CCI will connect you with qualified local contractors and available rebates and financing – all with the goals of helping to mitigate climate change and reducing carbon emissions. Participants commit to the energy audit plus making one improvement, which may be as simple as changing all lights to LED, or as complex as reducing their home air leakage by 50%.

CCI commits to telling their stories, creating media content and publicizing participants’ effort in order to mobilize others. Top savers and influencers are eligible to win cash prizes (top prizes are at $500) and the opportunity to be crowned one of three energy-saving titles. Additional recognition will be presented to “Climate Catalysts” for bringing other participants to this Showcase. To learn more and sign up, visit Spread the word, and let’s compete for the sake of all of us!



Conservation Consultants Inc. (CCI) is a Pittsburgh-based 501c3 nonprofit organization founded in 1978 to advance healthy, whole home performance. Their mission is to help families, small businesses and communities create healthier homes, shops, and neighborhoods as they get energy smarter.