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Patenting invention: Clean energy innovation trends and priorities for the Trump administration and Congress

“At just the moment when the U.S. clean energy innovation enterprise may be hitting a flat spot, the Trump administration has proposed draconian federal budget cuts that raise new concerns about the future of the nation’s commitment to low-carbon economic development.

“Which is why—as Congress turns to shaping the 2018 budget—it is worth assessing the status of the U.S. cleantech innovation enterprise, both nationally and regionally, as it is unfolding across 14 technology areas and the nation’s diverse metropolitan areas.

“Overall, the data show that even as cleantech patenting has grown over the years, serious concerns remain about the competitiveness of the U.S. cleantech innovation scene. . . .

“Congress as well as the private sector and states and regions stand at a critical juncture this spring. With the economic potential of cleantech innovation widely acknowledged, the question has become: Will the U.S. compete? ”

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