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Viewpoint: What Employees Want Most from Their Workspaces

“Surprisingly, we found employees want the basics first: better air quality, access to natural light and the ability to personalize their workspace. Half of the employees we surveyed said poor air quality makes them sleepier during the day, and more than a third reported up to an hour in lost productivity as a result. In fact, air quality and light were the biggest influencers of employee performance, happiness and wellbeing, while fitness facilities and technology-based health tools were the most trivial.

“Organizations have the power to make improvements in these areas, and they need to, both for their workers and themselves. A high-quality workplace—one with natural light, good ventilation and comfortable temperatures—can reduce absenteeism up to four days a year.  With unscheduled absenteeism costing companies an estimated $3,600 annually per hourly worker and $2,650 each year for salaried workers, this can have a major impact on your bottom line.”

FULL STORY published September 9, 2019 via SHRM.