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What’s the Big Idea? Regional leaders propose what will make a better Pittsburgh

What’s the Big Idea?

“As the kickoff to a region-​wide competition, we asked a group of regional leaders to submit an idea, in 50 words or less, that, if enacted, would make Pittsburgh a better place to live. It could be something that wouldn’t cost a dime or it could be a multimillion-​dollar public works campaign. Below are their answers. We hope readers will take this as a cue to submit their own proposals. It could be anything. Just keep it under 500 words (it could just be one sentence) and send it — along with, if you wish, any documents/​designs — to The winners will receive an audience this summer with Mayor Bill Peduto, Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald and a group of potential funders. –Douglas Heuck

“‘We can each make a commitment to care and to connect. Having an authentic, honest conversation with someone breaks barriers and builds relationships. Small conversations can lead to big conversations, like convening regional leaders across sectors to solve problems. After all, this is how humans accomplish anything important: together.” –Joylette Portlock, executive director, Sustainable Pittsburgh'”

FULL STORY published Spring 2019 via Pittsburgh Quarterly