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Renewable Energy for the Power of 32 (RE4P32) helps to facilitate renewable energy purchases for large energy consumers.  Sustainable Pittsburgh is partnering with CustomerFirst Renewables (CFR), an independent advisory firm, to represent the needs of each procuring organization.  This partnership underscores RE4P32’s independent, objective, and transparent approach to sourcing low-carbon solutions that meet the individual and collective needs of the region’s energy users.


Cost savings

  • Gain direct access to new renewable energy at or below the combined cost of grid power bundled with renewable energy certificates (RECs), with no up-front capital cost
  • Competitively source renewable energy, whether in the immediate region or in the more broadly defined region of the Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Maryland wholesale electricity market, the PJM Interconnection

Risk reduction

  • Obtain a low-cost commodity price hedge for a term longer than might be available in financial markets
  • Gain near-term protection against price spikes due to acute, temporary stresses on the system

Greenhouse gas reduction

  • Reduce emissions associated with electricity purchases
  • Make meaningful claims around renewable energy use through REC retention

New renewables on the grid

  • Bring about new, low-cost renewable energy projects in our region
  • Place renewable energy assets in front of fossil fuel generators

Social leadership

  • Be part of the region’s continuing leadership in energy advancements
  • Achieve environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals
  • Attract and retain investors, customers, and employees
  • Exercise accountability, transparency, and clear commitment to the greater good
  • Demonstrate organizations of all sizes can do well by doing right