Organizational scope

You may choose to earn a designation for your organization as a whole or for a specific part of your organization (for example, a department, division, etc.). 

To earn a designation for your organization as a whole, you must be able to report on at least 60% of your facilities/operations when answering questions in this program. This includes questions that request quantified data about energy use and savings, waste production and reduction, etc. If this is not feasible, please seek a more targeted designation for a specific branch, department, etc., within your organization for which you can meet this requirement. 

The designation and related press kit materials you receive will refer to your entire organization or the specific department, branch, etc. you select. 

The account you created to access Sustainable Pittsburgh’s web portal must be consistent with the designation you are seeking. If you are seeking a designation for a specific department or division but your account is for your entire organization (or vice versa) your account will need to be updated.

 If you are unsure about how to choose or if you require assistance with your account, please contact us at or 412-258-6642.