Sharing scope 3 greenhouse gas data with Sustainable Pittsburgh

Instructions for data submission

To share your Scope 3 GHG data with Sustainable Pittsburgh, please download this spreadsheet as an excel file and fill in the requested information. The file contains instructions about what and how to report. When the spreadsheet is complete, upload it to the sharing Scope 3 GHG data question using the attachment function on the online program portal. You must upload the completed spreadsheet as an excel file with the file name “YYYYMMDD_Organization name_Scope 3 GHG data.” 

Scope 3 emissions are from your organization’s upstream and downstream operational activities. This may include emissions from employee commuting (in vehicles not owned by your organization), and disposal of products sold at the end of their lifecycle.

All data shared with Sustainable Pittsburgh remains entirely confidential. It is never shared with the public or any entity outside of Sustainable Pittsburgh. Participant data is used strictly for verification, for awarding points, and to aggregate program results across participants.