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SPC Requests Feedback on New Regional Active Transportation Plan and Resource Center

Photo credit: Bike Pittsburgh

The Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission (SPC), which is the Metropolitan Planning Organization for the ten-county region of Southwestern PA, has launched a new website, the Active Transportation Resource Center, to serve as a toolkit for those interested in making their community a safer place to bike and walk. The site includes information on programs that support active transportation, potential funding opportunities, design guidelines, and a regional active transportation network map. Resources are organized by topic, and local information and opportunities are highlighted.

They have also drafted a regional active transportation plan (ATP) in order to better understand bicycle and pedestrian travel in the area. The ATP is intended to provide not only a cohesive vision for primarily non-motorized travel across the region, but also technical guidance to local governments seeking to achieve their respective local active transportation goals. The draft plan and supporting information can be found on the website.

SPC is collecting feedback on both the draft plan and the website through December 28th.

News, Research, and Innovations


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