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February 2018 - eNewsletter


WEBINAR: Lead, Radon & Mold in Residential Housing: Ensure Access to Healthy Homes

February 15, 2018
1:00pm to 2:15pm

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Join Conservation Consultants Inc. (CCI), for this Sustainable Community Development Network (SCDN) webinar brought to you by Sustainable Pittsburgh and Local Government Academy to learn how communities can mitigate the sometimes deadly problems caused by lead, radon, and mold in our homes.  CCI’s new report, “The Case for Healthier Homes: Recommendations for the Pittsburgh Region,” and accompanying outreach material; poster, paper summary, petition are designed to help community officials, local child care providers, renters and home owners fully understand the problem.  And learn about existing resources, innovative actions, trends, and best practices that are being utilized around the country and beyond.

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SCDN FORUM: Funding for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Sources

April 3, 2018
8am to 12pm

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Please join us for a Sustainable Community Development Network (SCDN) Forum in Collier Township to learn how to fund renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in your community.  This information and networking forum will discuss how to prepare your organization for energy improvements, what factors to consider, how much money and energy you can save, and where funding is or might soon become available.

This Forum will be especially valuable for those entities who consume significant quantities of energy, such as large municipal operators and water and/or sewer authorities.  Please register by Friday, March 30.

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Sustainability Commitment Earns Meadville Gold!

The City of Meadville has achieved Gold in the Sustainable Pennsylvania Community Certification, a program managed jointly by the Pennsylvania Municipal League and Sustainable Pittsburgh.  Meadville’s sustainable policies and practices have advanced community engagement and comprehensive planning.  They are actively implementing projects related to:

– improving stormwater infrastructure
– land reuse on the French Creek Corridor
– fostering a thriving green business district
– enhancing walkability
– reducing energy consumption through traffic signal conversion

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New Guide Released for Increasing Local Food Production and Improving Your Community

Sustainable Pittsburgh often hears from sustainable community leaders and neighborhood champions, “what do we do if a group wants to start a community garden?” or “how do we encourage and support local agriculture?”  Those leaders can now reference the well-researched advise found in the new Urban Agriculture: A Guide for Municipalities, created by University of Pittsburgh’s Institute of Politics.  Urban agriculture, as it is described in the IOP’s Municipal Guide: includes activities such as growing, processing, marketing, distributing, and the consuming of food and other products through growing plants and raising animals in and around a village, town, or city.  Such activities can be public, private, or commercial and can exist in many forms, like community gardens, market gardens, and backyard animal keeping.  Urban Agriculture can create a positive and sustainable impact on a community through improved outcomes in public health, social equity and community building, economic growth, and a reduced carbon footprint.

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WEBINAR: Building (or Rebuilding) Communities and Including Every Generation

March 14
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Please join Laura Poskin, the Project Manager for Age-Friendly Greater Pittsburgh, an initiative of Southwestern Pennsylvania Partnership for Aging (SWPPA), for a Sustainable Community Development Network (SCDN) webinar to learn about the recently released a 30-step Action Plan to make the area’s neighborhoods more inclusive and respectful of every generation. In the next two decades, the number of residents ages 65 and older will increase by 40% in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Hear what steps your community can take to be welcoming to persons of all ages.

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Innovations in Local Government


Urban Mobility and Data Ownership
Accessible trip data may help experts manage streets and sidewalks and allow them to answer policy questions for many communities.

Can Dockless Bikeshare Stations Increase Diversity?

Retirement Community Gets Self-Driving Taxi Fleet
The Villages, the largest retirement community in the world, is getting self-driving taxis from Voyage; meaning safe, alternative rides at a great rate.

Tiny Homes for Aging Populations
Small, senior-friendly homes are affordable, can exist on properties of caregivers or create independent-living communities with reduced carbon footprints.