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March 2017 - eNewsletter


Ross Township Earns Platinum Certification!

Ross Township in Allegheny County was named after the prominent Pittsburgh Attorney James Ross who represented Western Pennsylvania at the Constitutional Convention of 1790 and was the personal lawyer of George Washington. Now with a goal to represent that legacy of greatness for another 200+ years Ross Township has earned the highest level of achievement in the Sustainable Pennsylvania Community Certification: Platinum! Diligently, Ross Township has been striving to provide a prosperous community based on unity, family, and civic pride, while emphasizing a healthy environment and the use of sustainability as their framework for progress.

Ross Township is committed to integrating sustainability practices and policies with their Comprehensive Plan (created with extensive community input) with the analyses and synthesis of future land use concerning public safety, transportation, business, natural resources, and green space. The Township is encouraging…

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Webinar: Using TDR’s to Generate Revenue from Dedicated Green Space and Other Undeveloped Land Uses/Types

Wednesday, March 29th
12:00 – 1:00 p.m.
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Contact: Jim Price @ or 412-259-5331 if you have questions 

A Sustainable Development Academy program presented by the Local Government Academy and Sustainable Pittsburgh’s Sustainable Community Development Network

This webinar, presented for municipal leaders, land use planners and community development corporations in Southwestern Pennsylvania, introduces participants to the use of Transfer of Development Rights to protect environmentally and culturally important properties and open space and promote innovative and sustainable land use.

Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) is a powerful land use tool utilized by municipalities to virtually generate tax revenue from green space, agricultural lands, green infrastructure and important historic or cultural lands, while promoting development in other more appropriate places. Used strategically, TDRs can promote…

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Great Things Are Happening in the Borough of Monaca!

Monaca Borough and Mario Leone, Borough Manager, are capturing the sunshine and radiating in Beaver County!  A newly installed solar array including two hundred solar panels at Monaca’s reservoir will offset approximately 42 percent of the municipality’s energy consumption.  And the installation is designed to have an impact that goes beyond saving money. Borough officials, residents and teachers at Central Valley School District will have access to the data produced by the large photovoltaic solar arrays for use in educating the community and students alike.  Hats off to Monaca’s innovations in energy and community and School District engagement to raise awareness to the bottom line wins of sustainable development.

Monaca Borough is also completing construction of an innovative new…

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Presentation: Shrink Your Community's Carbon Footprint with No Upfront Cost

What: Allegheny League of Municipalities (ALOM) – Annual Spring Educational Conference
Where: Seven Springs Resort, 777 Water Wheel Drive, Seven Springs, PA 15622
When: Friday, April 7th at 11:15 a.m. (Conference runs: Thursday, April 6th to Sunday, April 9th 2017)
Who: Keith Welks, Pennsylvania Department of the Treasury; Greg Wozniak, G.A. Wozniak Energy Constants; Jim Price, Sustainable Pittsburgh

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Jim Price, Sustainable Pittsburgh’s Sustainable Community Manager, will discuss the role of local government in addressing energy efficiency for municipal facilities and the related cost savings and community health benefits.  Greg Wosniak of G.A. Wozniak Energy Consulting will introduce case studies illustrating how much money can be saved and carbon pollution mitigated through energy efficiency improvements.  He will layout the basic steps of performing an audit, base-lining energy use and determining what different performance investments might cost and how much they could save in the long run.

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Innovations in Local Government


LISTEN: To the 23%, a New Podcast, Featuring Women in Government
Governing Magazine recently released the first podcast in their new series titled, “The 23%: Conversations with Women in Government”.

Governments Are Upping Their Professional Development Game
A survey, soon to be released by the Institute for Public Sector Employee Engagement, reveals that professional development is one of the top three factors that keep employees engaged and thus reduce their likelihood of leaving. (The other two are an employee’s own work and the ability of leaders to manage change.)

The Mythical Link Between Immigrants and High Crime Rates
A large body of research, however, finds no link between immigration and high crime rates, with some studies suggesting places with more immigrants actually enjoy slightly lower crime rates.

Inclusionary Housing Policy Attracts Millennials
The fact is, in many metro areas, people who never considered themselves “low-income” are finding themselves priced out of the housing market altogether.

When Street Parking Becomes a Pop-Up Bus Lane
One morning last December, cones and small signs popped up along Broadway, the main drag in working-class Everett, Massachusetts. The modest change, replacing a mile of curbside parking with a temporary bus lane, had big implications.

Your Neighborhood Affects How You Age
Some older adults are living in neighborhoods that may be making them sick. These communities aren’t safe, they’re not walkable, and they lack good public transportation and other resources.