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SCDN FORUM: Funding for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects

April 3, 2018
8am to 12pm

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Please join us for a Sustainable Community Development Network (SCDN) Forum in Collier Township to learn how to fund renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in your community.  This information and networking forum will discuss how to prepare your organization for energy improvements, what factors to consider, how much money and energy you can save, and where funding is or might soon become available.

Currently, more than 100 cities and towns worldwide get at least 70% of their energy from renewable sources.  We’ll learn about opportunities and resources for your organization to explore the ways you could achieve similar progress and savings.

This Forum will be especially valuable for those entities who consume significant quantities of energy, such as large municipal operators and water and/or sewer authorities.

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The High Cost of Energy: How a Community Can Protect their Most Vulnerable Residents

People living at or below the poverty line are more likely to live in older housing with leaky windows and doors, and poorly insulated walls that waste energy, saddling them with much higher energy costs than those in upper income brackets.  There are several ways that municipalities and community-based organizations can help mitigate this challenge.  Options include having well-crafted and enforced occupancy regulations and helping to connect those in need to energy efficiency assistance programs.  Serving in this role advances a community’s sustainable development by improving the lives of residents, the environment, and the local economy.

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