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May 2017 - eNewsletter


Webinar: Open Streets - Streets for People, Sharing Resources, and Transforming Communities

Thursday, June 8th
1:00 p.m.
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Open Streets events temporarily transform streets from places where cars are the dominate mode of transportation to family friendly linear parks. Events remove automobile traffic for 3 to 6 hours and residents are encouraged to bike, walk, run and play in the roadway.  To encourage the public to get outside and be active, programming often features dancing, yoga, and a host of additional fun and exciting activities offered by local business owners and organizations. Open Streets serve to increase social interactions, stimulate economic activity by increasing foot traffic, mitigate the negative environmental impacts of vehicle emissions by encouraging walking and biking, and highlight healthy lifestyles.

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Hard Work Makes the Steel City Platinum

The City of Pittsburgh, a regional and national leader in sustainability, earned Platinum in the Sustainable Pennsylvania Community Certification. While Pittsburgh is involved in several large planning and strategic initiatives to improve the city’s resiliency and sustainability, such as the OnePGH plan and the p4 initiative, it is often the day to day operations, practices, and policies that are the true hallmarks of sustainability.

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South Fayette Township: Gold Certified!

After scrupulously assessing their performance related to the 131 criteria in the statewide sustainability certification program, South Fayette Township, a growing community 15 miles south of Pittsburgh in Allegheny County, found their efforts towards good governance rewarded. Sustainable Pittsburgh and the Pennsylvania Municipal League are pleased to announce and congratulate South Fayette Township for earning Gold in the Sustainable Pennsylvania Community Certification!

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Beautifying Communities by Cleaning Up and Preventing Illegal Dumpsites

Illegal dumping is a problem many, if not all municipalities face. Polluted waterways and contaminated soil created by illegal dumping generates risks to public health and the overall quality of the environment. Reduced property values and vandalism can also stem from the sense of neglect created by littering, a problem that often accompanies illegal dumping.

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Webinar: Empowering Small Businesses: Sustainable Small Business Designation

Wednesday, June 14th
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Join Kaity Baril of Sustainable Pittsburgh and the Local Government Academy in this webinar to learn about applied sustainability actions and measures for small businesses in your central business district and through out your community. The Sustainable Small Business Designation program, one of the performance programs of Sustainable Pittsburgh, is a free, voluntary performance program designed to help businesses save money and resources, attract new customers, and generate positive recognition while contributing to a prosperous community.

Innovations in Local Government


Finding Pennsylvania’s Solar Future
Planning to produce more solar energy in Pennsylvania by 2030.

Taking Blight into Your Own Hands
Neighbors describe how they used the Conservatorship law as “a surgical strike on blight.”

From Sewage Fumes to Vehicle Fuels!

The Rebirth of Shopping Malls-A New Possibility
Transform a “ghost mall” into a safe, walkable neighborhood

Self-Driving Technology and the Driverless City
Shared fleets, affordable housing and unique people-centric spaces could result from a well designed driverless city

Building Towns and Cities for Healthy Lifestyles
There is a well established link between health-related behavior and how we build our towns and cities

Clues Emerge in the Search for Affordable Housing
The search for affordable housing continues, as prices continue to rise nationwide.

“Walk Proud” on Crosswalks that Celebrate Pedestrians
Pedestrian crosswalks are taking on a life of their own with creative designs!